2021 New Year’s Message

2020 is over! Finally! It was probably the worst year globally since the end of WWII.

Back in March, we all thought the pandemic would be under control and over by summertime. Nine months later, we are in the midst of the worst rate of spread and fatalities, and even with the availability of multiple vaccines, we do not believe the pandemic would be completely under control until late in 2021.

2021, unfortunately, is likely to be a very difficult year. Deaths from Covid-19 will likely break records in the first half of 2021.

We can expect more chaos in the global economy due to disruptions in the supply chain. China is facing a harsh winter and blackouts as it continues its trade war with Australia, its most important supplier of thermal coal. The resurgence of Covid-19 in some cities may lead to more widespread lockdowns and factory shutdowns. The delays in and spiking costs of transportation will likely lead to inflation, product shortages, and more suffering. Unemployment will lead to more suffering, crime, and likely civil unrest in many parts of the world.

There is also severe military tension in the Taiwan Straight, South China Sea, Persian Gulf, the Caucasus, etc. There is no clear path to the deceleration of these tensions, however. There is no strong global leadership to confront the strong personalities of Trump, Xi, Putin, etc.

It’s time to focus our eyes on God because there is not not much we can do to affect the wave of history. We may feel adrift in the sea of uncertainty, but we have Almighty God as our captain and He will lead us safely into the harbor.

God bless you all.

George Huang

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