Lesson: What Makes Miracles Happen

Sommerset, PA mining accident (July, 2002)

Nine miners were trapped in a mine by water.  Hundreds of rescuers worked day and night and finally saved all nine after three days.

What could have happened?
- some or all dead from drowning, severe injury, hypothermia, starvation, infection, etc.

What needed to be done?
- drill one or more holes to reach them
- pump water out
- pump warm air in
- lower cage

Could people control the results?
- men safe in an air pocket
- men not sick or injured
- drilling goes well
- rescue equip works
- get to them in time

What happened at the end
- drilled 2 holes
- drills broke twice
- men found alive
- men pulled out

How did this miracle come
- God keep them safe, let things go well
- men trained to survive
- rescue equipment available -- people were prepared
- rescuer trained on what to do

So a miracle comes when God takes care of what men could not do or control, but people had to do their parts.
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Last updated: 9/28/2002