Lesson: The Good Samaritan (or Who is My Neighbor?)

When Jesus seemed to give an answer that's not quite addressing the question, it's because the person asked the wrong question...

Lawyer. How to get eternal life
Jesus. Love God & love people

Lawyer. Who is my neighbor = whom should I love (conditional, selective)
Jesus. Wrong question, ask "how to love" (don't be selective or conditional, but instead focus on how to do it)

- Traveler - anyone
- Priest - a minister
- Levite - a Christian
- Samaritan - a non-Christian

Priest & Levite didn't break the 10 Commandments, but they did not understand what law hopes to do (but does not require people to do).

Samaritan has compassion - the result of love.

Key - how to be, not why or to whom only

How would the world be like if people only follow the Ten Commandments and no more?
If you get injured on the street, people will look at you but won't help you or call 911...  In short the world would be a horrible place.  The "do no harm" philosophy of the Ten Commandments won't improve the world by fighting hunger, injustice, etc.

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Last updated: 9/28/2002