Lesson: Technology in the Bible

Some people think the Bible is an ancient religious book not suitable for modern people.  Others wonder how people so many thousands of years ago can possibly know what's right for the modern technological world.  Well, the Bible is ancient but not out-of-date as many like to believe.  Indeed, some of the things written in the Bible only make sense recent when our technological development and scientific understanding are advanced enough.

Examples from the Bible

(Ps. 91:5,6): chemical and biological weapons in Iraqi Scud missiles
(Rev. 6:12-14): missiles and maybe even nuclear weapons
(Rev. 8:7): missiles
(Rev. 8:10-11): biological or chemical weapons
(Rev. 8:12-13): darkening of sky from dust and smoke of weapons
(Rev. 9:3-10): helicoptors
(Rev. 9:16-19): military force only achieveable this century, tanks, jeeps with cannons
(Rev. 13:16-18): world currency system with credit card as first step
(Rev. 16:8-9): destruction of ozone layer


1.  Who do you think really run the show?
2.  Apostle John saw these things in Revelation 1900 years ago.  Do you think it is pure coincidence?  Can humans really predict things to this accuracy?
3.  If these things seem real to you, what does it tell you about the real author of the Bible and other things in the Bible?

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Last updated: 2/10/2000