Lesson: Success in School

    How to do better in school?  What are the principles that we should follow?

Does God care to give me wisdom or help me in school?

    This simple question is sometimes avoided by Christians because they are afraid that their school grades won't improve, and thus "proving" their lack of faith or something else.  The answer is simple:  God wants to give you wisdom.

Reasons for God to give us wisdom

    To get something from someone, it is often beneficial to find out the reasons why we should get it and why the person wants to give us the thing.  There are a few main reasons:

Making the request to be based on right reasons

    Knowing why God would want to give us wisdom, you can ask Him with the right kind of mind set.  Are you seeking wisdom for your own glorification, power, fame, or wealth; or are you seeking wisdom for the right reasons?  We should ask for wisdom with the intention to do the good things that God wants accomplished.  Otherwise we will be the ones getting hurt at the end.  A good deed done with wrong intentions will become corrupt, and eventually it will self-destruct.

Why God may not answer your request if you have the wrong reasons?

    If God knows that after receiving the wisdom, you would just go out for the money and turn away from God, should He give you the wisdom in the first place?  Wisdom is a good thing only when it is used properly.  German scientists designed magnificent killing weapons that led to the death of millions of Jews.  If you were the professor of one of those scientists and you know that he would one day become the designer of the gas chamber, would you teach him the principles of thermodynamics?  Of course, no one could have known it in advance, but God is omniscient.
    But would God sometimes grant your request even though it is not good for you?  The answer is "yes" and the reason may not be acceptable to many.  A father who wants the kid to grow up can not always take the toys out of his mouth every time the kid puts a toy in his mouth.  To teach the kid not to do that, he may just allow him to taste the displeasing flavor of a Matchbox car and learn not to do that again.  Sometimes we are so stubborn and foolish that the only way for us to learn is to taste the bitterness of our own stupidity or foolishness.  God wants us to grow up spiritually too, and painful medicine is sometimes the best prescription for our little minds.

Basic principles

    There are a few basic principles we can follow:

Biblical examples

So what does all these got to do with my schoolwork?  What should I do?

    The basic principles mentioned above are enough as a starting point.  Furthermore, pray for wisdom and special understand before you study.  It's not cheating to ask God to guide your studies so you can study the important things for the exam.  And when you choose your classes and commitments, remember to put God first.  Also, don't forget that God has put loving brothers and sisters who can help you with your schoolwork, and their service is also a way by which God helps you.

Discussion questions:

1.  Some people think that we should not work too hard in school because the Bible says the worldly wisdom is nothing in the eyes of God.  Is this the right attitude?
2.  Some people seem to be blessed with more wisdom than others.  Why is this so?
3.  Am I not a good Christian just because I get not-so-superb grades in school?

Additional Tips from 1/13/96's discussion

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