Lesson: StarWars--the story of Good and Evil

The ancient Jedi prophecy: "One will bring balance to the Force"

The Star Wars series is mainly the story of Anakin Skywalker and how he fulfilled the ancient prophecy of bringing balance to the Force.  The universe at the time of boy Anakin was relatively peaceful.  There were disputes among some star systems and the Trade Federation but they mostly got along just fine.  In short, there wasn't much for the good guys to do...  The Jedi Council became a meeting place where no major decisions were really made.  The Jedi masters were there just to keep the things going as they were.  They didn't get too involved when the Trade Federation invaded the helpless planet of Naboo.  Basically the Jedi Council, and perhaps all the "good guys," were enjoying a peaceful time, that is, until Darth Maul and the evil senator came along...

Darth Maul was defeated, but the story was far from over.  In the second and third episodes we will see how Anakin was lured to the Dark Side to become Darth Vader and destroyed the peace in the universe.

Luke Skywalker, Anakin's son, would become a Jedi and help the rebels defeat the evil Empire in the last three episodes (the original Star Wars trilogy).  Yet his greatest success would be to save his father's soul.  When Anakin died, he died on the side of the Light, which he betrayed many years ago...

What did Anakin bring to the universe?
- He brought a crisis--evil was winning for a while.
- He helped overturn many institutions (e.g., Jedi Council and the Senate).

How did that change the things?
- The rise of evil forced the "good" to stand up and fight, instead of just sitting there and doing nothing
- The rise of evil showed the problems in the peaceful universe, many of which were not obvious before because things were going so well
- The end of the Jedi Council meant people could no longer depend on the Jedi masters to solve their problems.  They have to take up the responsibility themselves.

How did Anakin bring balance to the Force?
- He led evil to victory for a short while, and he forced the good guys to get serious about their jobs.  The good guys have to stand up and fight.
- Before the crisis, people depended on the Jedi masters on many things.  During the crisis they learned to work with each other to fight for a better future for everyone.  The Force should be used by everyone to benefit everyone.

Why wasn't Luke the one who did it?
- Without Anakin to mess up the things, there wouldn't be anything for Luke to fight for.
- Luke fought an important battle, but it was only one of many battles that had to be won.  He learned to be part of the group, not a Rambo who goes in and fixes everything himself.

What do you think of the following statement: "When things are going smoothly, people get lazy"?

Is it true that sometimes a bit of shaking is good for the soul?

Do you think God sometimes allow bad things to happen to you so you can grow to be a better person or a stronger Christian?

Why do you think that God has to do that sometimes?  Does He take joy when we suffer or when evil is victorious?

Scripture to memorize:

"In all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Note: Star Wars movie series are properties of Lucasfilm.  The original novels are written by ______.

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