Lesson: Science and the Bible

Note: this lesson is a good introduction to the science-related lessons in section 8.

What is (natural) science?
- study of nature
- trying to explain how these things work
- trying to explain what's behind these phenomena

How science works
- observe
- hypothesize a cause or process
- test the hypothesis
- compare & refine the hypothesis

What science is really trying to find?
- a set of natural laws that govern the workings of the universe
--> the plan & design of God

Is there a conflict between Bible & science?
Most often, the perceived conflict comes from:
- our ignorance of Bible
- imperfect science - it's always being revised
- pride - don't want to admit wrong to confess there's a creator (e.g., Einstein and the cosmological constant)

Can science help us find God?
- God can already be found elsewhere
- no, but can help us understand God more

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Last updated: 9/28/2002