Special Project: Newscast from Biblical Times

Main idea: Allow the kids to create hypothetical TV interviews with persons who were eyewitnesses to Jesus' activities.  By talking to those people, they can ask them about how Jesus changed their lives and what they think of him.  This may be more effective than a plain drama of Jesus' activities.  Miracles are not what this activity seeks to emphasize but the intended impacts of these miracles--changing lives and spreading the idea that Jesus is the Messiah.

Format: A newscast similar to TV local news coverage.  There should be an anchor who gives the brief description of the event and then refers the camera to the field reporters who conducts the interview.

Suggestion: Instructor may wish to write the full script for the first broadcast and have a few others to help put up the first show.  The helpers should be familiar with the script so they don't end up reading it.  The scripts should be written with lots of humor so kids would enjoy performing and watching it.

----- Sample script (great for Easter!):

Background announcement: This is Channel 33 News at 10 with John Marshall

Anchor: Good evening.  There was much commotion in Bethlehem today as some shepherds reported some sort of angelic appearance and a message directing them to see a baby born in a manger last night.  Let's go to Amy Peterson for a live report.  Amy.

Reporter 1: We're live at the outskirts of the town of Bethlehem not far from Jerusalem.  Five shepherds claim that they were visited by a group of angels last night who directed them to a manger in Bethlehem to see a new born baby.  Bethlehem's hotels were all full due to the census that's underway, and we believe that the couple and their baby are not residents of Bethlehem.  We are unable to locate the mystery young couple, however.  We did find one of the shepherds, Andrew.  Andrew, can you tell us what happened here last night.

Andrew (sounding like an uneducated man): Well, we were watching the sheep last night and suddenly there came a group of angels.  I know what you think.  Nobody has seen angels in a long time but we did see them last night.  They were singing and playing music and one of them said to us that the Savior is born in Bethlehem.

This project was developed by George Huang.  Got a question or want to publish this lesson?  E-mail me.

Last updated: 11/1/2003