Lesson: Nausicaa & The Valley of the Wind

Note: Nausicaa is a Japanese animation movie.  You may have difficulty locating a tape.

Proper titles of the tape: Nausicaa & the Valley of the Wind (subtitled version) / Warriors of the Valley of the Wind (dubbed version)

Cross reference of names:
Nausicaa = Princess Sandra
Omu (the giant monsters) = Gorgans

How did Sandra calm the anger of the Gorgan when they were in the forest?
- She let the Gorgan enter her thoughts and found out that she is a good person.

Others try to fight the Gorgans, but no one ever succeeded.  How did Sandra do it?
- She didn't fight the Gorgans.  She knew that they were angry because of the kidnapped baby Gorgan.  She brought the baby back to them at the risk of her life, and in the end the Gorgans learned of her good heart and calmed down.

The ancient legend speaks of the "savior" that will bring back the harmony between nature and peopple.  Who was that savior?  Did Sandra know she will be the legendary "savior" in the blue coat?
- No, and she never tried to be the one either.  She just did what she needed to do as the Princess of the village.

Most of us don't know our destiny.  So what should you do?  Just sit home and wait?
- Do your duties wholeheartedly, and the Lord will show you the things to do in the right time.  Not everyone will hear the voice of God telling them to do something drastic.  Sometimes our destiny is fulfilled when we just follow what comes our way.

What is the purpose of the poisonous forests?  The Gorgans?
- Trees in the forests absorb the polluted water and made clean soil out of it, and the clean water from underground and the clean soil together will bring forth non-poisonous plants.  The plants are now poisonous because of pollution.
- The Gorgans are there to protect the forests, and when they die, their bodies become the base for a new forest.
- Sometimes we don't understand the bad things around us and we think they are evil, just like people thought of the plants as evil when in reality they are helping to purify the Earth.

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Last updated: 7/9/2000