Lesson: Finding the Plan of God for Your Life

How do we know God has a plan for each one of us?

Does the existence of this "plan" mean we have no choice in our lives?

Assuming you are interested in following God's leading, there are four scenarios:
1.  God tells you some basic plans early on and you make decisions according to those plans.  When the right times come, you get more instructions.
-- Some positive factors:
    Less time wasted in useless pursuits
    More preparations
-- Some negative factors:
    Psychological burdens-may be good or bad
    Disobedience much more unforgivable
--Example: John the Baptist, Joseph

2.  God does not tell you any plans but implants a sense of "calling" or "burden" in your heart.
-- Some positive factors:
    A sense of calling can lead to preparations, different (hopefully more faithful) choices
-- Some negative factors:
    Period of searching for the precise direction may cause temporary confusion--not always bad, though
    May try to do it your own way and cause other problems
--Example: Moses, Nehemiah

3.  You are zealous for God and decides to explore the life of servanthood given what is available to you.
-- Some positive factors:
    Because the choice started with yours, you have less reason to fight it
-- Some negative factors:
    May led to your efforts on what you think is the work of God--could be counterproductive
--Example: Saul (who became Paul)

4.  You have little or no idea of the plan, but you accomplish it by faithfully doing your duties.
-- Some positive factors:
    The path may seem less "dictated" and easier to travel, especially if you are independent
    That journey makes you more seasoned, mature
-- Some negative factors:
    Could be frustrating if you do have a desire to follow God, but do not see God's leading for a while--but would God really not tell you if you had asked???
--Example: Daniel, Naussica (from a Japanese cartoon)

So what should you do if you care about following God?

This lesson was developed by George Huang.  Got a question or want to publish this lesson?  E-mail me.

Last updated: 4/22/00