Lesson: Evolution of the Moral System, Part 2

Review of last few sessions

Jesus the Revolutionary

When Jesus came, he turned the moral system upside-down.  Some of the guidelines he proposed are:
What are the new basic concepts of Jesus' "new" moral system?
(Note: I'm avoiding the use of the word "love" because it's too general.  It will become obvious during the discussions that most of these concepts are different manifestations of "love.")
The relationship between these three concepts can be generalized as:
  1. Humility -- being the fundamental characteristic of God
  2. Compassion -- guided by humility, this is the motivation behind his decisions and actions.  Jesus didn't come and have compassion for us because he feels sorry for the pitiful creatures he put on earth or seeks to get compensation for his efforts.  He loves us and wants to serve our needs.
  3. Forgiveness -- led by compassion (instead of pride), he forgives our sins and pays for our sins.  Through his forgiveness and sacrifice we are liberated by the bondage of sin and can be set free from curses and diseases.
=> The result: his ministry of healing and his substitutionary atonement of our sins

Why is humility a fundamental characteristic of God?

Virtues of humility

Strange questions:

        - God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  If it is a characteristic of Jesus, it must be an eternal characteristic of the triune God

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Last updated: 3/29/2002