How you can help us...

The Sunday School Teachers' Corner (SSTC) is a collective effort.  I hope all visitors can contribute a bit by sending in lessons, tips, or stories that can make others' lives a bit easier.  There are several ways you can help:

1. Contribute your intellectual achievements (i.e. lessons).
2. Contribute your experiences (i.e. tips and encouraging stories).
3. Contribute your network--tell others about SSTC.
4. Contribute your time--join the public forum and help each other out.

If you would like to contribute financially, please contact me.  I have not decided on what to do with the income from referral commissions (that come from your purchases made through the SSTC store) and other financial resources.  It may be used to finance web hosting, site development, or some other worthwhile causes.

George Huang