Welcome to Sunday School Teachers.  This is a place where Christians can share their lessons with others. 

I re-started this website after about 14 years of dormancy. I’ll now regularly post my lessons and sermon notes as I organize or create them.  Please be patient as I slowly add content to this site. Some of the lessons may have my slide presentations in Chinese which were used in my sermons.

You are granted permission to use these lessons in your classes, sermons, or presentations. You do not need to get permission from me to use them. Proper crediting would be appreciated if the content is not the typical discussion of Bible passages, such as those involving rather creative interpretations of Bible prophecies, non-Bible content (e.g., the ones based on popular movies), personal creative work (e.g., poetry, art, and music), and testimonies. These proprietary content should not be published for commercial gain since the authors may publish them one day. The Meaning of Life series have been turned into a small book and I’m working on a second edition to incorporate the Kingdom of God series into that book.

I do my very best to ensure my interpretation is consistent with the Bible as typical Christians generally see it, general reasonableness, and my life and spiritual experiences. We may have differences in opinion and honestly, only God can be the final judge on our opinions. Please do not e-mail me to debate our opinions. Frankly I just don’t have time to respond. “Take it or leave it,” as some people say. (Comments are turned off on this site for similar reasons — I just don’t have time to monitor them.)

I hope this website is a blessing to you. If you wish to support this effort financially, please use the Venmo or PayPal QR codes to the right. If you wish to donate a large amount, please contact me so I can avoid big fees. Everything takes time and money, and your financial support helps me to divert time from my part-time job to this effort and finish my book. Who said you can’t buy time? Unless you’re dying, you really can buy time through diversion from other work…

Once I create all the e-mail accounts needed for submissions, I will post them here so you can submit your materials for inclusion on the website. This is another way to contribute to this effort.

George Huang

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