George's Poetry: Strength and Comfort in God

Tears in Heaven (written 8/13/99)

Though I may seem to be far away
And your prayers seem to go nowhere
Don't lose your faith, my most beloved child
I am still here, as I've always been

I promised to be with you always
And that promise will never change
Just because you can't see me now
Doesn't mean I am not here, by your side

Can you comprehend my plan for you?
Do you understand what it takes?
I mold this clay with my love and tears
So one day it can stand, tall and straight

Yea, some may have a more comfortable life
And some may have no sorrow or pain
But it is you that I have chosen
And it is you that I have to shape

Please don't shed your tears, my child
Though it's only natural, I admit
One day you'll understand, I promise you
Until then, believe that I'm here, all the way

One Day You'll See (written 4/28/00)

You say you are an angel
Whose wings have been torn away
A figure of beauty and glory
Who once flown among the shining stars

How painful it must be
To be trapped among earthly beings
To look up at the silvery clouds
Longing for the time gone by

With tears in your eyes
You have asked the Lord a thousand times
Not for riches or glory or fame
But just a simple reason why

In the right time and place
You will see and comprehend
I took away your wings of sparrows
So I can give you the wings of eagles

So that one day you may soar
Far above even the highest clouds
And lead the flock of my wandering children
To the Promised Land beyond the River Jordan

So let go your wings of sparrows
For they're only good for chasing after worms
And let grow your wings of eagles
For the big blue sky is where you belong

Some Explanations (written 5/3/00)

I have heard your cry, my beloved child
I have seen your tears
It pains me to know
That you water your eyes day after day

My thoughts are deeper than your thoughts
My ways are higher than your ways
Please believe me when I tell you
These times of trial will soon end

You need to have lived in darkness
So you'll know light when it's there
You need to feel the pain of loneliness
So you will treasure the friends you have there

You need to experience hopelessness
For that's what my lost children see
And with love and that understanding
You will find the will to bring them back to me

See the wounds on my hands
The nail holes that will always remain
I have died for you once before
And I will love you all the way

Your Hand in My Hand (written 5/2/00)

I have traveled thus far
With your hand in my hand
For you are my soul's only provider
The only constancy through all these years

Now in my hour of suffering
I seek your face once again
Trusting in your love and wisdom
I lay my life in your hands

If there's more to my journey
Then this must be my furnace of pottery
With each flame you make me stronger
So I can be a better vessel for your name

If my journey is near completion
Help me to see the beauty in everything
Let me know the lives I've touched
And that you didn't create me in vain

I need not ask you to care for my loved ones
For you love them more than I ever could
But comfort them in case they can't see
The home of glory awaiting me

When I finally see your face
It would be a joyful occasion
To find myself in your sweet embrace
And to know all the reasons for everything

But until then, O Lord
Help me to touch every life I possibly can
As I await my homecoming
With your hand in my hand

Looking Beyond the Here and Now (written 5/25/00)

I don't have all the answers
But I know the One who has the solutions
I have little faith in much of humanity
But in Him I have full confidence and trust

He is like a potter
That cares about the clay
So when I'm in the fiery furnace
I know it'll be good for me in the end

He is like a father
Who longs for his child to be strong
So when I fall and cannot see his hand
I know it's my strength he wishes to augment

So next time when I'm in the pit
And I don't feel the gentle touch of his hands
I will not lose heart because I trust in Him
For I know there's rainbow after the rain

These poems are written by George Huang.  Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

Last updated: 6/15/00