George's Poetry: Romantic Love

On Marriage (written 6/26/00)

Don't give up on finding your happiness
Tho' it sometimes looks pretty grim
God is your provider for everything
Even the one that will share your intimacy

Who knows you better than anyone else
But the Lord that created you?
Tho' you may not know what you really want
For sure He knows what you truly need:

Someone to meet your heart's desires
For your two hearts will be as one
Someone to dull your sharp edges
So you would be ready for greater things

Someone to wipe your tears
When the world come crashing down on your shoulders
Someone to heal your heart's scars
So you can continue on this long journey

Someone to lend you a hand when you fall
So you can stand tall once again
Someone to cheer you in times of success
When you conquer the Everest of life's challenges

But should you be one of those special few
Whose needs no one but only God can meet
Do know that you will not live in solitude
For He Himself shall be your soulmate for all eternity

Letting Go (written 4/26/00)

On that fateful morning
When you told me you wanted to go
My heart was like a fallen teapot
Broken, scattered, never the same again

You offered no explanation
Only that your heart is no longer there
I searched my soul for what I did wrong
But that wouldn't change anything for us, sad to say

Though my heart is broken
And my feelings hurt
I will let you go, baby
For that's the only right thing to do

I will beg you to stay first
And ask you to reconsider
For that's only natural
To try to hold on to a treasure like you

But if you still want to go
Count on it that I'll honor your choice
For there's no point keeping your body
When your heart is no longer mine

I want you to feel free
Like a bird out of a cage
For true love is a liberating force
Not a bondage for our souls

I will honor your decision
For with true love comes respect
If I don't respect you today
Would I respect you even if we are wed?

I promise you I'll still be a friend to you
Though it'll be hard for a while, I must say
I harbor no anger nor hatred for you
For I love you too much to lose you once again

I will give you unreserved blessings
Just as I have always done
I hope you will soon find a man
Who loves you more than I ever could

A sensitive man
Who listens without yawning
An attentive man
Who meets your every need

But if things don't go well
And it seems there's no one to turn to
Just remember this friend of yours
Who will always be here for you

Just like my love for you

Let Me Be Free (written 4/27/00)

Let me be free
If you truly care about me
Don't let your own passion
Become a burden to me

Love needs to include respect
To honor the other's wishes
And courage and character
To accept those that you don't agree

Don't try to understand me
For no one could ever succeed
A woman's heart is far deeper
Than the abyss in the ocean

But you can be a friend to me
If you can learn to respect me
And give me the space I need
To live my life as I please

And when that day finally comes
You will also find a friend in me
To be there when you need support
And to share in your triumph and defeat

So the choice is up to you
To live a life of bitterness and anguish
Or make me happy and free
And get a friend for eternity

So what would it be?

Come Out of the Cave (written 5/8/00)

Come out of the cave
O you man of self-pity
Open your eyes and see the world
And all those flowers in the prairie

You sit quietly by the pond
With no hook on the string
How can you catch anything
Even if the fish are willing?

Don't be afraid to love
Because of the risk of injury
Just be sincere and true to them
And hope that they will appreciate

If things don't work out
And sadly that's quite a possibility
You can only be open and honest
And pray that they will understand

Like the Mac and the PC
No compatibility is guaranteed
But friendships there can always be
If both hold on to their sincerity

These poems are written by George Huang.  Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

Last updated: 6/27/00