George's Poetry: Love for Others / Serving Others

The Unspoken Pain (written: 7/13/00)

I entrust my loved ones to you, Lord
For I know you love them more than I ever could
These times of difficulties are painful to endure
But I know these will be good for them in the end

It's hard for me to see them suffer
While I seem to do nothing to help them
More than anything in this world, I wish I could help
But there are times when I know I can't do more

I pray that one day they'll see and understand
My unspoken pain in seeing their struggles
Until then, O Lord, help me to carry the burdens
And entrust my loved ones to your gracious care

The Battle for Humanity (written: 6/29/00)

There's a war raging on the horizons
For the future of humanity
The call to battle is loud and clear:
"Would you join us in the fight today?"

There ain't no monstrous aliens coming in big spaceships
Or an asteroid crashing into our blue planet
At stake is the soul of humanity--
Hearts of compassion needing to be freed

What are we if we do not love others?
We would be no better than the birds and the beasts
To breathe and eat may be living
But only with compassion would there be meaning

In Christ's life we find the meaning of our existence
To better the world is the humanity's true calling
When we give a little to others in need
We start a chain of fire that would never cease

For when you show true compassion to others
You change their lives and soften their hearts too
Those little droplets of love shall turn into fountains of blessings
Rivers of living water flowing unto eternity

Being An Angel (written 6/13/00)

When I was lost in the sea of despair
During those painful and uncertain days
God sent an angel to brighten my path
To encourage me to go on, though the day was still dark

She showed me the light of Christ
Like a lighthouse to a lost sailor
Her words of support and acts of kindness
Restored my confidence and trust in our God

She taught me the purpose of our existence
And I was never the same again
"To struggle is human," oh how true it is
But to love and to serve are truly divine

And today it's my turn to serve
Just as my friend had done not so long ago
I don't have much to give, but the Lord is my Provider
He will fill my heart with more love than I could ever deliver

So let me be an angel to you
Oh you weary travelers struggling in the night
Don't think too highly of me, for it's not myself that I give
The Lord provided all, and it's His grace that I share

I ask for nothing in return
But I hope you can promise one thing:
When your wings are stronger, and soon they shall be
Be an angel to those in times of need

And when you are an angel
You will learn the joy of serving
You will understand the love of our Lord Jesus--
The first "angel" who died for all humanity

The Moonlight (written 5/10/00)

In the consuming darkness of night
I was as good as blind
Bumping into walls that I could not see
Crying for help but no one would heed

Then a gentle breeze came
The clouds that covered the sky were swept away
It was still night, sad to say
But the moonlight came, and all was changed

That little moon did wonders to the dark of night
And I am thankful for the hope it brought me
With it I could see those walls in my way
And try to find a better path for my journey

Just when I was content with the tender moonlight
It spoke to me in a gentle whisper:
"I'm glad I can help you and other weary souls
But there's more, if you care to know

"There is the sun, to whom I owe everything
It's his light I reflect, and his love you feel
He is waiting for you to come and seek him
As he has always been throughout eternity

"He is your origin, the answer to everything
The only constancy, the one true thing
He will never fail you, if you care to love him
And he will always be there when you need him"

So I sought and found him--the sun in the sky
His light warms my heart and guides me to go on
Yet I've not forgotten the little moon and its gentle moonlight
And I'm ready to be one myself, to all souls still struggling in the night

Leaving Our Marks (written 6/15/00)

Do you hear the calling of our times
The cry of people in distant lands
Are you willing to listen to their voices
And do something about them while there's still time?

In this world of plenty
Kids lie under the trees starving
The lucky few work tirelessly
For a mouthful of rice that won't last the night

In this world of widgets and gadgets
Machines are made to kill, not to save
Well-fed soldiers fight over meaningless borders
While the people flee and die in strange lands

So it's time for you and me
To leave our marks on humanity
Show them the life-changing truth of God's salvation
And turn their hearts of stone into fountains of love

When they have love, they will see hope
And with hope they can go on, though life's still tough
Slowly but surely, things will change
And the world will become a better place, even for you and me

Why I Ask You to... (written 2/2/00)

The love of a parent
Is what I need
Like Jesus weeping for the lost
With passion and true sincerity

The heart of a servant,
Is what I long for
Like Christ in the garden of tears
Ready to sacrifice for a people lost

But Lord, it's so hard
To love those who despise us
And to serve those so undeserving
With only your wish as my backing

Isn't your love sufficient?
Wasn't your service good enough?
Why ask for my pitiful efforts
When you have already done so much?

Don't lose heart, my precious child
I know it's tough, for I've been there before
You are not alone when you fight the currents
I'm also in the river, right there next to you

I ask you to love
Because I want you to know me
For until you try to love as I've loved
You can't understand the depth of my passion

I hope you will serve
For that's the reason I came to this world
Through serving you'll learn more about me
And what love really means when in action

Meditate on what I did for you
And you'll find the strength to go on
I ask not for you to burn your own candles
But to reflect my light, like the moon with the sun

And on that blessed day, when you see me face-to-face
You would have known me in a very special way
For you would already have my heart in you
And have seen your new home "Heaven" before you even came

These poems are written by George Huang.  Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

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