George's Poetry: Other Inspirational Pieces

Stand Our Ground (written 7/7/00)

Though the winds carry the scent of bloodshed
And our comrades fall all around us
We shall stand our ground, no matter the cost
And be willing martyrs for the worthy cause

This is our home, our nourishing ground
We shall defend it with strength from above
Nothing against us shall prosper, God promised
And victory shall be ours, for He is on our side

Yea, the costs may be great
And pain unbearable
But in Him we can find strength and endurance
To take up the banners and march forward

With faith and righteousness as our weapons
We can break the strongholds of the enemies
With love and compassion as our motivation
We can save the children lost in the wilderness

So come join us, all you children of the light
Help us find those still struggling in the night
Defend our home against the powers of darkness
Until the day when we see the beauty of His holiness

The Real Foundation (written 5/5/00)

From the not-so-distant horizons
I see a storm approaching
One that threatens our little church
Our labor of sweat, tears, and love

This is your own household, O Lord
For we've built it in your name
To be a shelter for weary travelers
And a source hope for the broken hearts

So there's every reason
To end the storm here and now
Keep this little harbor safe and sound
So that more lost souls can be found

O my child, fear not the raindrops and winds
For I'm greater than even the worst they can be
I will turn it into something good
If only you will believe in me

The rain will test the hearts of my children
And show all their true foundations
The wind will blow away the weed in the field
So only the real wheat will stand in the end

And when the storm has passed
And the house can be rebuilt again
You shall see a rainbow in the horizon
To remind you of the promise I made to all

"I laid in Zion a tried and precious stone
To be the foundation of my own household
No gates of hell can prevail against it
For victory is his for all eternity"

Having Been There Among the Stars (written 5/4/00)

I've been out there among the stars
And to strange places unknown before
Traveling from planet to planet
Seeking adventures out of this world

But they proved to be disappointing
'Cause I've expected something more fulfilling
Oh excitements there were--my ship almost crashed
But beauty was fleecing, and soon I longed for home

Now I've come home
It's never the same again
I found beauty in things that hadn't been
Or maybe before I just couldn't see

Oh thank you, Lord, for my journey to the stars
Tho' I found little beauty among them
Now I can appreciate this little speck in space
An oasis in the desert that I call home

These poems are written by George Huang.  Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

Last updated: 5/5/00