George's Poetry: God's Love

The Strange Man in Heaven (written 5/4/00)

Heaven is supposed to be perfect
A place of unsurpassed joy and happiness
All the pain and suffering should be missing
In this place of beauty and glory

But I found a man in ragged clothing
With bloodstains all over his body
"Is this a mistake?" I asked Angel Gabriel
"How can he be in this place of celebration?"

Gabriel smiled at me, "You must be a rookie, my child
Don't you know you're here because of him?
Heaven ain't free, in case you didn't know
He paid the price so you can be free."

So I took a closer look
At his hands and his feet
The only man in heaven with scars
Is the one who paid for you and me

Heaven and earth shall pass away
But his wounds would always remain
To constantly remind us the price he paid
So that we shall never forget

The Circle of Love (written 1/25/00)

The day has turned so dark and cold
Not by the lack of sun or the fall of rain
But by the hearts of God's beloved children
That have refused to yield to their Father's voice

Why, oh Lord, is this so?
Didn't you promise us hearts of love, not of stone?
Why do I not see your light of guidance
In these dark and painful times?

My child, though you are hurt, take comfort
For I'm here watching and waiting, just as you are
But there are some journeys that they must traverse
Or else they could never be the vessels of my work

In the meantime, don't give up on your brethren
Always believe in the best of them, just as I did with you
There needs to be open arms to welcome them
When they finally see the light and come back home

And when they finally do, all heaven will break loose
For there's no greater joy than seeing lost children home
Your love for them will heal the broken hearts
And complete the circle of love that I've started when I redeemed you

These poems are written by George Huang.  Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

Last updated: 5/4/00