George's Poetry: Friendship

Here for You (written 8/8/99)

During my darkest days
When life seemed not worth living
I cried to the heavens but to no avail
But then you were there for me

During those uncertain times
When I stood at the crossroads, pondering
Unsure of what path to travel
But then you showed me your light and guided me

In this world of deceit and lies
I'm blessed to have a true friend
When all those around me turn away
I know there's always you, here for me

You gave me strength to carry on
You believed in me when I lost my faith
I shall never forget, not now or ever
The light that brightened my darkest days

I am ever greatful for all that you've done
Don't you think you've gone unnoticed
I can't ask for more in a friend
Than what I have found in you, my dear

So during the darkest days in your life
Oh, I wish those times would never be
But if they do come, and sadly they always do
Be a good cheer, for I will be here for you

These poems are written by George Huang.  Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

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