Lesson Guide 課程指引

Updated: 1/1/2024

The lessons here are mostly sermons I gave in the past few years, but also include some Sunday school lessons from two decades ago.  You do not need to follow this guide in sequence within a section, except for the first section about salvation for non-Christians.  Also, some lessons may appear more than once in different sections.  Hope they are a blessing to you.  Ministers and teachers: you are free to use these in your sermons or classes.  A quick note from you would be a great encouragement for me.

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The concept of salvation and how to be saved — for Non-Christians

These are lessons for people who have not yet committed their lives to Jesus Christ, but are also good for Christians to review and understand their faith.

  • A Tale of Two Friends – A story that explains the Christian concept of salvation very clearly.  A must-read for non-Christians possibly interested in the Christian faith.  I recommend this to be the first lesson for a non-Christian.
  • Word Becoming Flesh – Why did Jesus have to become a human being to save mankind?
  • The Four Dead People on Good Friday – The story of five people who represented the different paths for all mankind (hint: one of them didn’t die).
  • Creating Your Own Religion – Let’s have fun and try to create our own religion, and compare the result with the Christian faith.
  • Is Christianity a Natural Religion? – This lesson explores how Christianity doesn’t fit the pattern of a religion created by men.  Then compare your results with other religions in the world today.

Also, once someone commits his life to Christ, he should be encouraged to get baptized, and here’s a lesson to explain what that ceremony means:

  • The Meaning of Water Baptism – Just as the title describes.  Water baptism can be explained by the analogies to a wedding and a funeral.

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Finding the meaning of life and directions in life

Once someone decides to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, it is very helpful for him to understand the meaning of the Christian life. 

The Meaning of Christian Life Series – The first three lessons based on three parables by Jesus teach us about the right perspective on three things that we have while on Earth – our time, talents, and treasures (the three T’s).  They are perhaps the most important lessons on this website.  If you fully understand them and accept them, you will see your life with a totally new perspective.  Please go through the following three lessons in order.  They have also been turned into a very short book that’s available online or upon request.

  • Parable of the Ten Minas – Our time – we all have one life and cannot keep it, but we can use it properly to gain eternal life or waste it.
  • Parable of the Bags of Gold – Our talents – we are born with different amounts and we can gain more, and they last into eternity.
  • Parable of the Shrewd Manager – Our treasures– the earthly treasures are temporary and not ours but we can use it to gain eternal treasures that are truly ours.

The Kingdom of God series goes deep into this topic of following God and finding a direction in life.  The seven parables are covered in five different lessons:

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How to live a Christian lifestyle

After you have accepted Jesus and understood the meaning of your new life, you should learn how you can live a Christian lifestyle.  These lessons will help you.

The Beatitudes – These are teachings from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.  They serve as a guide to Christian living and progression.

Les Misérables – This story by Victor Hugo actually teaches us very valuable lessons on Christian living through its characters.

  • God Works at the DMV Too? (personal story) – This is the story of my wife’s car’s license plate which God used to teach me very important lessons about living and serving.
  • Wine and Wineskin – How can we be continuously transformed into better Christians?
  • Devil’s Consultant – A fun project inspired by C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters.  What advise would you give to the devil to pull Christians away from God?
  • Forgiveness – Why should we forgive others for their offenses?  How does that benefit us?
  • The Ten Virgins – Are you prepared for Christ’s return?

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How to serve God and other people

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For those facing struggles in life

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For those struggling with sin

“Christians are not sinless.  They are just forgiven.”  But that does not mean we don’t need to strive for a sinless life, but in the meantime, God can use our sins to help us grow.

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For those dealing with family matters such as how to be good parents

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For those with doubts

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For those who love science

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For those who love Bible prophecies

As a young Christian, I was fascinated by Bible prophecies because I believe they are the best proof of the validity of my faith.  Over the past 40 years I saw many mysterious items become reality.  We are living in very exciting times.

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Seeing Christian concepts from popular culture

These are some of my favorite movies or shows, partly because of the Christian messages in them.

Les Misérables – this story by Victor Hugo actually teaches us very valuable lessons on Christian living through its characters

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For those who like to explore God’s character further

  • Workers in the Vineyard – The strange behavior of the vineyard owner tells us much about God’s character.
  • The Prodigal Son – Or is it the prodigal father who willingly let his son waste half of his money?  What does the father, who represents God, really care about?
  • Christ and the Four Gospels – The four main characteristics of Jesus Christ is revealed in the symbolisms (lion, ox, human, and eagle in Ezekiel and Book of Revelation) and the styles of the Four Gospels.